Tuscaloosa, Alabama is known for The University of Alabama plus everything sports-related, especially football. Our wonderful town is nearly centered around the wildly successful Crimson Tide football program.

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Just recently Bama football regained the top spot in recruiting rankings. As reported by Tide 100.9, “Alabama is sitting at No. 1 with 293.66 points, while the Fighting Irish is No. 2 with 292.03 points. Texas, Ohio State, and Georgia finish off the top five.”

Getty Images, Canva / Townsquare Media | J. R. Moore
Getty Images, Canva / Townsquare Media | J. R. Moore

But what else?

I was excited to find out from SmartAsset that football isn’t the only great thing about Tuscaloosa. They reviewed “data for the largest 200 metro areas across nine metrics on topics such as employment, earnings, housing costs and access to career guidance.”

From this information, they have determined key findings for the “best places for career opportunities.” There were some very interesting results within the top ten results.

Best Places for Career Opportunities

#10 Toledo, Ohio

#9 Fort Wayne, Indiana

#8 Salt Lake City, Utah

#7 Dayton, Ohio

#6 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

#5 Atlanta – Sandy Springs – Roswell, Georgia

#4 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

#3 Buffalo – Cheektowaga – Niagara Falls, New York

#2 Huntsville, Alabama

#1 Lafayette – West Lafayette, Indiana

How wild is that two cities from Alabama made the top ten? Let’s give major kudos to Huntsville and Tuscaloosa for this accomplishment.

Why is Tuscaloosa, Alabama #4?

SmartAsset said that “Tuscaloosa, Alabama ranks in the top fifth of metro areas for its May 2022 unemployment rate (2.5%) and one-year change in total employment (4.10%). Additionally, Tuscaloosa has the 27th-lowest annual housing costs ($10,152). For professional guidance, workers have access to roughly three career counselors for every 1,000 workers (ranking 24th-highest).”

Huntsville is #2

Huntsville was recognized by SmartAsset and “ranks in the top 10 metro areas for two metrics. It has the fifth-lowest May 2022 unemployment rate (1.9%) and ranks seventh-highest for income growth between professionals aged 25 to 44 and those aged 45 to 64 (25.85%). Additionally, overall median earnings for workers in the metro area increased by roughly 15% over a two-year period ending in 2021.”

It’s great to know that even though football reigns supreme but career opportunities are flourishing in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville.

(Source) Click here for more from SmartAsset.

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