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Food always brings people together and its needed more than ever before. However, its challenging this year due to the pandemic but one church has found a way to celebrate the holidays by feeding the local Tuscaloosa community. The First Community Church of Tuscaloosa will be hosting a Pre-Christmas Dinner for the entire community.

The Bible mentions "love feasts" which is a time of the church celebrating and reaching out to the community by holding feasts of food, drink and fellowship. The pandemic has made it impossible to all be in one place to eat and enjoy the company of other fellow church members and community stakeholders or those who are less fortunate. The season of giving is here and the church is here to feed the hungry.

First Community Church has always been a beacon of light by providing assistance the members of the community through food and by providing other resources to the less fortunate and entire community at large from the days of the late Pastor Henry Green to the current pastor Darrell Gordon's leadership.

The First Community Church will host their Pre-Christmas Dinner Saturday December 19, 2020 12pm-2pm located at 1716 T.Y. Rogers Jr. Ave in Tuscaloosa. Come and celebrate the season free of charge. You can walk in or drive-thru to get your special plate this holiday season to celebrate the Christmas season. Social distance measures will be enforced and masks are required.

The food will be catered by Matthew Simmons and Tasha Sanders and is sponsored by Publix Supermarkets.

Go by and get your plate to go and celebrate the holiday season at this event!

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