Timothy Andrews, 38, is being accused of bouncing bad checks all over Tuscaloosa. According to law officals, Andrews wrote 226 Bad Checks totaling close to the amount of $30,000.

Andrews faced judge Joanne Jannik last Friday on the alleged crimes. Authorities are calling it one of the biggest cases of it's kind in Tuscaloosa County history.

Investigators say that it all began back in 2001, when bad checks started surfacing at various Tuscaloosa-area businesses.

The picture below, obtained by WVUA 23 News, shows just a small sampling of where a few of those bad checks were bounced....

Photo Courtesy WVUA 23 News

Businesses victimized by Andrews' bad check writing spree include: Fast & Easy, Buddy's, Buffalo Phils, South's Finest Meats, Hometown Grocery, Piggly Wiggly, & "where the fun begins" Fantasyland.

Prosecutors are seeking a 5 year jail sentence for Andrews. A judge’s ruling is expected soon.

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