As the state of Alabama approaches 34,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 it is imperative that Tuscaloosa takes time to really analyze if wearing masks will help to decrease the number of people exposed to the Coronavirus.

According to ABC 33/40, Tuscaloosa City Council will vote to decide on a city-wide mask ordinance Tuesday, June 30th, 2020. With Jefferson County recently mandating residents to wear face masks in public, many have begun speculations on Tuscaloosa being next. If the ordinance is passed, Tuscaloosa residents would be required to either wear masks in all indoor facilities with few exceptions or wear face masks in all essential businesses. Councilwoman Sonia Mckinstry spoke on the seriousness of COVID-19 and the possible ordinance coming to Tuscaloosa, "I feel that this is just a safety precaution. For those that don't think COVID is real, I ask you to reach out to those whose family members have lost their lives."


There is currently a petition online in support of a city-wide mask ordinance in Tuscaloosa started by the University of Alabama Professor Michael J. Altman. The petition notes that Alabama is a hotspot for COVID-19, and points out that  "Report after report shows that African Americans in Alabama are contracting and dying from the disease at higher rates." The petition is closing in on its goal of 500 signatures. If you'd like to sign the petition, you can click here. 

Whatever the Tuscaloosa City Council decides on Tuesday, we will be sure to give you the update. Make sure you download our station app so you can get news updates sent straight to your phone.

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