This just in, according to Dane Usry, District Manager for American Red Cross Blood Services for Alabama, this is the current update on blood supplies for our region.

The American Red Cross is experiencing the most severe blood shortage in the past decade. The number of trauma cases, organ transplants and elective surgeries is constantly rising – and depleting the nation’s blood inventory. They are working around the clock to meet the extraordinary blood needs of hospitals and patients but can’t do it alone. We are asking you to roll up your sleeve and be part of the solution.


We, at Townsquare Media of Tuscaloosa are inviting you to be part of the SOLUTION.

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If you would like to donate at our blood drive HOSTED and organized by Townsend Nissan, 2620 Skyland Boulevard East in Tuscaloosa.

The blood drive begins at 12 noon and you can easily reserve an appointment click HERE.

Again, the blood drive at Townsend Nissan happens on Thursday, April 7th from 12 noon-6pm.

Appointments can also be scheduled by visiting and entering sponsor keyword "TownsendNissan" or calling 1 (800) 733-2767 right now.


Please consider helping tomorrow at Townsend Nissan.


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