Victoria’s Secret To Close 250 Stores

Victoria’s Secret is a rite of passage for women.  I remember being a young high school girl and begging my mother to buy my undergarments from Victoria’s Secret.  The answer from Bea was “no” and “you are not old enough.”  However, when I would go to the mall with friends, you know we visited Victoria’s Secret.  So, when I was grown and making my own money, I was able to buy my own items from Victoria’s Secret.  I even had a credit card.  I was sad to hear that Victoria’s Secret interim CEO, Stuart Burgdoerfer told USA today, that they “would expect to have a meaningful number of additional store closures beyond the 250 that we're pursuing this year, meaning there will be more in 2021 and probably a bit more in 2022.”  Here are some items that I totally love and adore from Victoria’s Secret.

(Source) For the full story from USA Today, click here.  To check out Victoria’s Secret, click here. 

6 Things I Love From Victoria's Secret

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