Over 75 people from the great state of Alabama were arrested in Panama City Beach this past weekend.

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25-30 of them from West Alabama. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

What were you idiots thinking?

Now, officials in PCB are cracking down on the guests invading their city.

Here come the lockdown curfews and closed businesses in Panama City.

I supply visual aids from the Spring Break madness below.

*Video: Joan Mitchell/YouTube

That was before things got too crazy.

However, this is the stuff that crossed over a bunch of lines.

*Video: WMBB News/YouTube

It is like mom used to say, a few of you have to ruin it for everyone!

C'mon man.

Why you need to act a fool?

Just to prove you are one?

It is not ok to destroy people's property or their business. That isn't "partying".

It's being criminals.

Have fun, be crazy but don't cross the line.


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