It's officially Tennesee hate week and the rivalry is in full swing.

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Alabama has been playing the University of Tennessee in football for over 100 years. The first game was played back in 1901 in Birmingham.

Since the first game, Tennessee has won less than half of the overall games played against The University of Alabama.

Tennessee v LSU
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The record overall for Alabama against Tennessee in football is 59-38-1, according to the University of Tennessee. 

I'm wondering with that record, why Tennessee fans feel like they can really compete with Alabama when it comes to football.

Of course, any given Saturday we could lose a game but realistically, Tennessee stands no chance.

You'd think with that record, they'd loosen up on the trash talk, but year after year they still do.

This year, I feel like they've crossed the line. The banner I saw on social media is hands down the most tasteless thing I've seen in a while.

Gameday or in this case game week banners are nothing new, but this banner that seems to be made by a Tennessee fan is like no other.

The banner classlessly makes a statement about former University of Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

I could not believe this banner.

How could anyone think this is ok to say?!

It's so bad that even Tennessee fans are speaking out against this picture on Twitter.


Whoever did this should in fact, do better.


We all know that Tua has suffered serious injuries so far this season in the NFL.


Head injuries are NO JOKE and I'm still shocked that any Tennessee fan would think this is ok.

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