Tuscaloosa has added so many amazing new businesses within the past few years. Since I moved to the Druid City, I've seen us get a Fresh Market, a Home Goods, and so many awesome new restaurants that I can't name them all.

Our city is thriving, and our businesses are supported by those who live and work here and by people in surrounding counties who come to T-Town when they want to shop. Oh, and there's this little thing called the University of Alabama that has like 40,000 students who also call Tuscaloosa home while they pursue their degrees.

Tuscaloosa is, by all accounts, poppin'.

This leads me to ask: WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A TRADER JOE'S?

We have two Aldi's. TWO. There are enough of us bargain hunters out here in these streets to support TWO separate Aldi's, and y'all want to tell me we couldn't support a single Trader Joe's?

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I drive to Birmingham often just to shop at my nearest Trader Joe's, and I can't tell you how many times I have run into people FROM THIS CITY who have done the same thing. People are literally driving on the redneck autobahn that is I 20/59 just to get to the Summit and shop at Trader Joes.

You think they wouldn't mind a 15-minute drive down McFarland?


Give us a Trader Joe's. We deserve a Trader Joe's. We NEED a Trader Joe's.

Who do I need to call about this? Walt Maddox? Stan Pate? Nick Saban. Just tell me and I will stan for this Trader Joe's our hearts truly desire.

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