Not the smartest of moves in this young Italian's opinion.

The story, coming out of Austin, Texas, and reported by WPXI, tells about a young woman making a very silly decision. Allison Chafin made a bet with her friend to do one simple thing, hit a police horse on the behind. She went thought with the challenge, and slapped the horse. What followed could have been disastrous.

The horse became scared and began to react to try to find whatever hit it. The officer riding the horse, had to regain control before the animal got into the crowd of people around. Luckily, the police officer was able to get the scared horse under control.

Chafin however, wasn't so lucky. For her actions, she faces up to a year in prison, plus an additional fine of 4,000 dollars!

Take this as a lesson, don't mess any animal you don't know about. Especially police horses!

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