Considering that I wear contacts, this story worries me.

Across the pond in Britian, a woman was suffering from a swelling eyelid. While this seems like a normal medical issue, the swelling had been persistent, as it had be going for 6 months. So suffice to say, there might've been a larger problem at hand for the woman. The doctor decided it that it would be best for an MRI. When the results got back, the results were shocking, to say the least.

As it turns out, USA Today reports that the woman had a contact stuck in her eye. The contact had been stuck in her eye. And for not for a short while either, it had been stuck there for 28 years! But how did it get lodged in there in the first place? The mother knew why. 28 years ago, the mother and daughter were playing badminton. The mother accidentally hit the shuttlecock too hard, and hit her daughter right in the eye. After they couldn't the contact she was wearing, they thought it was lost forever.

As it turns out, it stayed with her, longer than expected!

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