Would You Attend A Socially Distanced Concert In Tuscaloosa?

I've seen so many things going on around the globe as far as adjusting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing masks in public is pretty much a requirement, and hand sanitizer stations are everywhere. I never imagined that people would find a way to have concerts during the pandemic, and it actually looks safe.

Earlier this week, The UK had a socially distanced concert with close to 2,500 fans in attendance. According to Vulture, the event happened in a park and they were able to practice social distancing. It looked cool to me. Everybody pretty much had their own VIP sections! 500 metal platforms spread out across a park all spaced 6 feet apart. Each of the sections seated up to 5 people. This is what I've been wanting all along from concerts! No more bumping into sweaty strangers while I'm trying to sing my favorite songs. I can sit comfortably when I need to and not have to worry about someone being in my personal space. I love it!

It didn't take long for social media to spread the news about this mid-COVID-19 concert. While sharing a picture of the concert and its attendees, one person tweeted "This is really the new reality for a while." I agree!

Being relatively new to Tuscaloosa, I have no idea where this could happen if we did something like this here. I thought of Government Plaza, but I doubt the space is big enough for something like this. Where could we have something like this in T-Town? If it were to happen, would you be interested in going? I know I would!

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