Back in 1981, a man by the name of John Hinckley Jr attempted to take the life of President Ronald Regan.

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At the age of 25, Hinckley fired shots that ended up puncturing the lung of President Regan almost killing him.

Hinckley said in an interview with ABC News,

"I'm not the person I was so many years ago."


The assassination of President John F Kennedy was shocking and historic at the same time.

President Kennedy's assassination was the first time a president's assassination was caught on film.

Kennedy's accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald.

It seems like an Alabama man tried to join the list of those who threatened the life of an American president.

According to UPI, John Andrew Bazor, Jr., of Mobile, Ala., is being charged with threatening to kill President Joe Biden.

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UPI says that the U.S Secret Service, Bazeor called the White House threatening to kill President Joe Biden.

"I am coming to assassinate the president. I can't wait to see your faces when I put a bullet in him."

The call took place on July 10th and, of course, the Secret Service didn't take the threat lightly.

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According to UPI, while being questioned Bazor admitted to calling the White House and threatening President Biden.

UPI also states that Bazor's mother said she is afraid of him and had tried numerous times to get him committed but he had never been officially diagnosed with a mental illness.

Luckily, Bazor's threat to the President never came to pass.

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