Be Weather Aware – Tornado Preparation And Safety

To help everyone out in advance of the potential severe weather situation we have building for our area today here is some Tornado Preparation and Safety information.

You may think this tip is silly, but make sure you keep your shoes on.  Most people kick off their shoes once they get home.  In times of a tornado, be sure to get your shoes on because you don’t know will happen.  During the 2011 April Fury, I strongly encouraged listeners to get their shoes on.  In one scenario, it helped a family of four be able to walk on debris when they lost everything but made it out alive.

Here is a collection of my tips:

Be prepared:

  • Gather your flashlights and battery-operated radio.
  • Charger your cell phones and portable chargers.
  • Emergency kit, along with some water and non-perishable food.
  • Grab your medicines.

For Home and Offices

  • In advance, identify the center most point on the lowest floor of your home or office. This could be a closet or a bathtub.  If you have a basement go there.  In any scenario, you should cover yourself and get as low as possible.  Also, be sure that the door opens to the inside because debris could block the door pathway.
  • If you are in a high-rise building, go to the lowest floor, if you don’t have enough time, get to the center most part of the building.
  • You should absolutely stay away from the windows.
  • Stay away from large wide-open rooms.
  • If you live in a mobile home, you should get to a safer environment.

While Driving & Traveling

  • Being inside a car during a tornado event is extremely dangerous.
  • Stay away from bridges and overpasses.
  • Try your best to take shelter in the center most point on the lowest floor. If this is not available take shelter in the lowest safe situation like a ditch.
  • And if you must, get down in your car and cover your head.

Other great resources:

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