The history of Journey is typically told through the prism of three principal eras, each relating to their frontmen.

Gregg Rolie was the co-founding first singer, featured on a trio of early albums including their self-titled 1975 debut, 1976's Look into the Future and 1977's Next. Journey's most popular period featured successor Steve Perry, who helmed blockbusters like 1981's Escape and 1983's Frontiers. Then, there's modern-day singer Arnel Pineda, who helped Journey back to platinum status on 2008's Revelation.

As you'll see on this ranking of the Best Song From Every Journey Album, however, there's more to the story. Robert Fleischman played a small, but important role in the band's transition from fusion rock toward more pop-friendly sounds. Perry and Rolie shared the mic for three albums – 1978's Infinity, 1979's Evolution and 1980's Departure – as Journey found their commercial footing. And the band also had a too-often-forgotten era with Steve Augeri, who sang on 2001's Arrival and 2005's Generations.

Those albums didn't meet sales expectations, and Augeri soon exited – but not before making some important contributions. Pineda, meanwhile, kept things going with 2011's Eclipse, which marked the band's second-straight Top 20 hit – and their eighth total, including a run of five in a row between 1980 and 1996 where no album finished lower than No. 8.

Let's go inside these best-selling studio projects in search of the most memorable moments from every time period. Singers may come, and singers most certainly may go, but some things remain. Namely, the Best Song From Every Journey Album ...

The Best Song From Every Journey Album

Singers may come, and singers most certainly may go, but some great songs remain.

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

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