Forget about the Miss America, or Miss Universe Contest, because a CAT FIGHT broke out at arguably the most prestigious pageant of them all.....Brazil's Miss Bumbum contest.

The incident took place last month, at the conclusion of the contest, when runner up Aline Uva walked up to winner Ellen Santana, (no relation to Carlos), and ripped her 2018 Miss Bumbum sash off of her!

Why was Miss Uva such a poor sport? She claims that Miss Santana won the contest by screaming to the audience that she had won by using illegal butt implants! (No wonder Uva scored poorly in the "Congeniality" portion of the pageant.)

Uva further explained to the stunned crowd that Santana's bum was "plastic", while she worked out every day to maintain her bootylicious 41-inc butt! (Talk about making an ass out of yourself.)

“I’m the only woman who deserves this title,” said Uva, as she strutted offstage with Santana's sash.

Santana, to her credit, was able to maintain grace under pressure, as she wrapped herself in the Brazilian Flag, danced around, and said, “My butt is by far the firmest!"

Uva was given an ultimatum by Bumbum Pageant Officials, to return the sash within 5 days, and pay a fine of $30,000 for in their words, "damaging the image of the competition and breaking her contract." 

Luckily for us, the whole thing was caught on tape, which you can see below...

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