The Athletes Unlimited AUX Softball season came to a close recently and former Alabama players Sydney Littlejohn-Watkins and Haylie McCleney performed well in the second season of the professional softball league.

The AUX league is held in San Diego, Calif., and consists of three series in which three teams play 18 games overall. A notable difference in this league is that after each series is played, new team captains are chosen and teams are switched around.

Since the league doesn't have set teams throughout the entire mini season, each player earns individual points which contribute to individual rankings at the end. Players can gain individual points by the amount of innings played, overall games, and wins.

Hitters earn points for singles (10), doubles (20), triples (30), homeruns (40), stolen bases (10), walks (8), hit-by-pitches (8), and sacrifice flies/bunts (10). Hitters lose 10 points if they are caught stealing. Pitchers earn four points for every out and lose 10 points for each run allowed.

Littlejohn-Watkins finished with a ninth overall ranking out of 42 players, gaining 1,178 total points.

Littlejohn-Watkins started three games and pitched 27 innings total, earing one win and one save. The former Alabama pitcher finished the AUX season with a 2.82 ERA, racking up 15 strikeouts.

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McCleney finished the AUX season ranked eleventh overall, gaining 1,148 total points. McCleney went 10-of-32 at the plate, earning six RBIs and one home-run.

The former Alabama center-fielder played for the Tide from 2013-16 and will be representing Team USA at the World Games in July.

Littlejohn-Watkins played for the Tide from 2014-17 and is the only pitcher in Alabama history with multiple perfect games.

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