Over the weekend, social media has been abuzz with the sharing of a video which shows a mouse allegedly at a Tuscaloosa grocery store enjoying a bag of chocolates.

While it may not be ideal, the fact of the matter is the spotting of a mouse isn't indicative of filth.  Sometimes, mice find their way into storage buildings, office facilities, stores, and even homes through the smallest of openings.  It is said that this typically happens during the fall, as they seek warm dwellings to find food and to nest.

So, a mouse that found its way into a grocery store is in mouse heaven!

It appears that this mouse has good taste, too!  The chocolates it went for are some of the best on the market

Should you ever find yourself in a place where you witness a mouse enjoying a meal or snack in a grocery store, be sure to notify the manager so the item may be taken from the shelf.

And with the viewing of this video, it's almost certain that customers will be more thorough in the checking of groceries other than eggs.

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