David Frank Barker, 37, was arrested on March 24, 2017, after a standoff with police at Dreamland in Northport. Now, he is considered to be at large because authorities can't find him.

Reports say that Barker posted a $2,000 bond a few months later in July, but failed to show up at three subsequent court hearings.

Barker was initially charged with second-degree kidnapping, first-degree theft, second-degree domestic violence and third-degree theft. A first-degree kidnapping charge was also added. Investigators believe that Barker had beaten his ex-girlfriend until she was no longer conscious.

Captain Kip Hart told reporters that Barker continued to beat her after she had passed out. He also stated, “When she came to she tried to run out the door but he drug her back in. He then bound her hands and covered her face and threatened her with a knife. The suspect then moved the victim into the attic where he left her still bound in her restraints.”

If you have any information of his whereabouts, you are strongly encouraged to contact Tuscaloosa Police.

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