This is the absolute worst story I have ever reported.

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I love Alabama. ROLL TIDE! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet HOME Alabama!!!

However, what is with all the snake stories involving them inside with folks?

This is enough of this stuff.

Oh, yeah, how about the lady that was doing laundry and reached in to grab clothes, instead she pulled a snake out of her washing machine!

*Video from Caters Clips/YouTube

This "snake in the washing machine" deal happens quite a bit.

*Video from NY Post/YouTube


An Alabama woman, Diane Williams, was visiting Cullman, Alabama.

She finds a motel off I-65, and thought it would be fine for a couple nights.

I won't name the lodging establishment in question,

That's too easy to poke after an incident as crazy as this.

I want you to listen to Diane describe the morning she woke up with a venomous snake, a COPPERHEAD no less, in her bed.

How can she be this calm after a moment like this?

That hotel would be MY hotel if that was my room and I woke up with a deadly snake in bed.

I know that many of you ladies have realized that you were sharing a bed with a SNAKE, but this isn't about EX-boyfriends/husbands.

I'll wrap up this episode of American Snake Horror Stories with one of the most bizarre snake videos you will ever see....


A seizure? Snakes have seizures according to experts online.

Just stay out of my Northport HOUSE!

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