Quitting your job sometimes is never easy.

We all at some point get frustrated with our jobs. And sometimes we want to quit in fantastic ways. But most of the time, that urge subsides and we continue on with our daily workload. There is however the rare instance when someone goes all in and quits in an extraordinary way.

One such of the instances happened in Canada. The Washington Post reports that young Jackson Racicot was fed up with his job. He was going to quit, but he didn't want to just wait into his boss's office and simply be done with the job, he wanted to go bigger. So he grabbed his phone, and walked over to the intercom. He then proceeded to get every shoppers attention and berate many he worked with, save for some coworkers who were on his side. The video is on Facebook, in case you want to see his rant.

Now Jackson had another job to fall back on, but let this be a lesson. While quitting jobs is spectacular fashion sounds fun, it could be dangerous!

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