During the holiday season, great acts of kindness take center stage, and this one is truly magnificent.

Tiny Tim's Toy Foundation, which is located in West Jordan, Utah, is helping spread the joy this holiday season. The organization is giving away free toys this year to many around the nation and globe. Founder Alton Thacker has made over 1 million toy cars for any child, thanks to many factors.

According to the Washington Post, Alton and his wife would dress up as the iconic Mr. and Mrs. Claus and give out supplies in Mexico. Realizing while giving out supplies that Toys are also to important to little ones, they made a big decision. They opened up a factory to make them. Specifically, little toy cars. With support from lumber yards, giving leftover wood to them, and many volunteers, the cars are made. With many cars being made, so many children will get a toy as a gift.

This makes me so happy! Spread joy wherever you can this season!

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