I couldn’t wait to get out of the Catholic school system to join the public school system.  There were tons of reasons, which I will publish a book about it later on in life.  But, when I got to public High School, there was the lunch hour, in which I did not have to bring a packed lunch.  I was amazed and in shock that there was a full lunch line with all types of dishes.  The main attraction was PIZZA DAY!  Not a slice from a pizza place, but the old school rectangle pizza made with love from the lunchroom ladies.  I don’t know how but I landed on a website (School Pizza Recipe) that offered up this opening statement “If you love and miss the old school rectangle pizza, here’s the recipe.”  My heart started racing.  A quick scan of the recipe, and it seems ideal.  I figured you might be missing the old school rectangle pizza too, so click here for the recipe.  I mean you haven’t lived until you had a slice of this old school goodness!

(Source: To read the full article from School Pizza Recipe, click here.)

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