The NFL Draft is a weird time isn't it? Sometimes, top picks come out and dazzle with relative ease. Other times, top picks end up becoming a bust, and picks in the later rounds become superstars.

Today while perusing Twitter, this tweet popped up on my feed:

And to say my jaw hit the floor was an understatement. Lawrence only has 1 pass touchdown in his last seven games, and Derrick Henry also has 1? How in the the world is that possible?

Lawrence as we all know, was the first pick overall in the NFL draft out of Clemson, selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Henry on the other hand was drafted in the second round, 45th overall out of Alabama.

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Henry's been hurt since Halloween, and Lawrence hasn't thrown but 1 touchdown pass? That pass for a score by the way came against my Atlanta Falcons in London, but we digress.

Obviously in no way, shape, or form is this to say Lawrence is a bust this early in his career. But my goodness, he currently over this stretch of games hold 5 interceptions to his one score. 4 of them coming against the Titans, while Henry is still recovering from injury!

What is going on in Jacksonville exactly to let this happen? We all know how Urban Meyer turned out as a coach, which unmitigated disaster is the best way to describe it.

But this also goes to show that Derrick Henry can do it all can't he? With his size he can sit down multiple defenders, or stop those defenders on a pass play by blocking.

But at this point, I'm pretty sure Mike Vrabel could add a few RB pass plays to the playbook and nobody would argue. I, for one, would love to see a designed flea flicker play with Henry throwing to Tannenhill.

Just imagine that tweet if that play resulted in a touchdown. Truly would be a moment to remember.

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