Next Saturday, October 16, 2021, and Sunday, October 17, 2021, is the 50th Annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts at Kentuck Park in Northport, Alabama. The excitement is building about this year’s festival being in person since last year’s festival did not happen due to the pandemic but operated as an online marketplace.

Now the festival needs volunteers as “Kentuck relies on hundreds of volunteers to help our Festival run smoothly.” There is a need for many different volunteer positions.

Here is the full Kentuck Festival of the Arts volunteer list

PRE-FEST: Badge Stuffing

PRE-FEST: Materials Transport

PRE-FEST: Park Setup

PRE-FEST: Park Layout

PRE-FEST: Food pickup and Delivery

PRE-FEST: Signage

Kentuck Festival Artist Host Program

Artist Party Setup

Back Gate: Ticket Taker

Back Gate: Programs

Building Birdhouses

Food Pickup/Delivery for Shuttle Drivers

Concessions (Drink Trucks)

Volunteer Check-in/Check out

VIP Hospitality Tent

Service Animal Check In

Front Gate: Ticket Taker

Front Gate: Programs

Artist Hospitality Tent

Kentuck Retail Tent

Kentuck for Kids: Tie Dye

Kentuck for Kids: Clay

Kentuck for Kids: Paper Marbling

Kentuck for Kids: Books Arts Activity

Kentuck for Kids: Face Painting

Click here for the general volunteer application or click here for the full list of volunteer positions and pick one that interests you.

Just a friendly reminder that the 2021 Festival does have some safety requirements. Click here to get the full details on those protocols from the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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