Tuscaloosa's newest celebrity has been spotted again performing on the streets and bringing smiles to residents in the city.

We have many characters that are seen throughout the city of Tuscaloosa but one of my favorites is McFarland Michael.

You might have caught a show by this street performer on a random weekend in Tuscaloosa. Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and feel good inside, Tuscaloosa’s McFarland Michael always puts on a show!

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I saw him perform for the first time through a video that was sent to me by a listener. He was seen breaking it down on the corner of McFarland and Skyland near the Checkers.

Don't judge me, but that video lives rent-free in my head.


The thing that makes me so upset about McFarland Michael is that I've never seen him perform in person. I want to see it!

It's always through someone else seeing him or sending me a message that I missed him again.

One of my good friends in Tuscaloosa recently spotted McFarland Michael and sent me a message last weekend that he'd spotted him near Hargrove road.


That's the message I received last Saturday and I couldn't help but be upset that I missed him yet again.

Have you spotted McFarland Michael out in Tuscaloosa? If so, record a quick video for me and send it over to DreDay@1051TheBlock.Com.

Since my luck always seems to run out on the days he's out giving a show. Hopefully one day soon, I'll catch him live before you do.

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