Sparks flying everywhere, smoke filling the speedway, and people cheering for their favorite driver. Does this even happen in Alabama?

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If there's one thing I've learned about Alabama is that people love to race their cars. There are even a few speedways in the Yellowhammer state where drivers can practice and race.

I know about normal car races, but why hasn't anyone told me that this particular type of race event is a real thing? Do people really race boat trailers on the speedway?! HOW?

Well, I guess when you're in doubt, the internet will always provide some kind of proof. After searching the I came across a boat trailer race event. Who knew these even existed?


At first glance, I figured this was just something that used to go down around the country and was no longer happening. Well, it's safe to say I was wrong. It's still a thing!

I was shocked to see the sparks flying and no one feeling like the race should stop. It's as if this is a regular occurrence at these races. In case you're wondering yes, there are trophies given out to drivers after the race.


So here's my question, did you know this was something that people did across the country? Could you see this happening in Alabama? Let me know if you or anyone you know of participates in boat railer races in Alabama.

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