Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike, but Virginia has a different idea.

CBS News reports that Chesapeake, Virginia has put out ordinances for Halloween, and some might wonder why these rules had to be implemented. According to the rules, anyone over 12 years old that is trick or treating could be fined between 25 and 100 dollars! To make matters more scary, if you're found trick or treating after 8 PM, you could get fined 100 dollars or 30 days jail time!

Chesapeake has clarified that age limit is set to deter potential older trick or treaters from causing havoc Halloween night. As long as the child is behaving, being over age is ok. Chesapeake also isn't the town in Virginia watching carefully on Halloween. Norfolk also has the age limit set at 12 as well, plus the added rule of being over 7th grade and trick or treating could land you in hot water.

Well, at least the parents are allowed to watch over their children, but putting an age limit on trick or treating seems kinda silly doesn't it?

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