Why did a fight break out in airplane while it was in flight? Especially between the pilots?!?! The reasoning might make you roll your eyes.

It was a normal day of flight for Iraqi Airways. The flight we're focusing on was going from Mashhad, Iran to Baghdad, Iraq. Mid-flight, food was being passed out. The co-pilot, who was hungry, wanted some food. However the head pilot, refused to the let him get a food tray from one of the flight attendants. The co-pilot, understandably confused, questioned why he couldn't get anything to eat.

However, the pilot became infuriated, and began to psychically and verbally attack the co-pilot, according to the NY Post. The security agent on the flight quickly intervened, breaking up the argument. Things were fine until the plane landed. Where once again, the pilot and co-pilot got into another fight, with more punches and insults thrown. An investigation has begun to see if there is any more info to be found.

Pilots fighting while that high in the air. Papa Paradise would be severely disappointed.

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