Every day we all at some point have to eat something. Trying to do work on an empty stomach is a difficult task for any person. No matter where you go to get food, you'll see a team of people working together to create whatever dish you order.

But what about when the restaurant is short-staffed? Well, food might take a little longer to make, but it'll still be available to any hungry customer.

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How about a situation when there's only one person working the store, however?

That's the exact situation local resident Catherine Moore encountered on a Friday in Tuscaloosa when she discovered one worker handling everything at a KFC:


While Ms. Moore decided to go to KFC, she didn't expect to see one man working the entire restaurant. According to the post by Mrs. Moore, she noticed the line was around the building. When she got to the window, she met Marcus who was running the entire store by himself.

Ms. Moore said when she met Marcus at the window she was shocked but he quickly showed he was more than prepared to handle the situation.

Ms. Moore, when asked for a comment, said:

"He even had memorized my order and repeated it back to me to make sure he was doing it right. He was working so hard and absolutely needs so recognition and help!"

Ms. Moore then put the call out on social media, asking for anyone to help and donate to his CashApp. As well as asking KFC to provide Marcus with some backup.

For those wanting to donate to Marcus's CashApp, it's $MrMarcusSaidDat.

Let's help out one of the hardest working men in Tuscaloosa.

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