Stand-Up Tuscaloosa is celebrating four years of laughs with a special Brew Ha-Ha at Druid City Brewing Company on Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

It's free to attend, and seating begins at 7:30 p.m. with the show to kick off at 8 p.m. Here's more on the event from the Facebook Event Page:

Celebrating four years of comedy at Druid City Brewing Company, we bring you yet another BrewHaHa with a bunch of Tuscaloosa talent who have shaped the scene in one way or another throughout our history.

We got What's Happenin' Alabama host Zach Travis, who puts in a ton of work to bring you a weekly sketch, showcase local artists, and tell you about the goings on in the local area. He's also the host of Alcove Open Mics.
RJ Marchand's on the card, one of the guys who's been hustling since the Tuscaloosa comedy scene has even been a thing.
Young gun Louis Lartigue will be there, host of Pints & Pains open mic and a top-tier jokester.
Jeremy Satcher, the Stand-Up Tuscaloosa graphics guy, gets on the mic from time to time and he'll try his best to amuse you.
Pruthul K Ravindranath's newer than most but all of you at DCBC love this guy to death so we're giving you even more of him.
Randy Ford's making a triumphant second return to Tuscaloosa this year. He's another Tuscaloosa original who's going to knock off the undergarments normally placed on the feet.
Adam Condra will be your gallant host for the evening, starting things off with some anecdotes, keeping the night moving and telling the comics their time is up.
Richard Lockhart will be up this night, and he's the guy who gave birth to this whole scene. Come and behold his spawn.
Your headliner for the evening will be the comedy juggernaut Paige McBride. Paige's taken Tuscaloosa and Birmingham's comedy scene by storm, and on top of that she co-hosts Druid City Brewing's open mic night and has a bomb-ass podcast called Beers and Broads.

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