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We all love a bargain. That’s why we all love the Dollar General.
The DG as it is affectionately called by friends. Did you know there are more Dollar General stores than Alexander Shunnarah billboards? No, really. says there are more than 17,000 Dollar General stores in 46 states around the good ole USA. Dollar General sells stuff for up to 40% less than drugstores and grocery stores. And that includes Walgreens and Walmart.
The 12 best things to buy at Dollar General:
#1. Air Fresheners. Cheaper than Walmart.
#2. All Clearance Items. They are all over the store and could be anything.
#3. $5 Dollar T-Shirts. Who doesn’t need a Hulk Hogan t-shirt?
#4. Flip Flops for $2. Hello FloraBama. And yes they sell Crocs.
#5. Bathroom Rugs for $2.
#6. Pillowcases for $2 a Piece.
You can kiss that My Pillow guy goodbye.
#7. Shower Curtains for Under $5. Who doesn’t need a Hulk Hogan shower curtain?
#8. Blackout Curtains for $7. These bad boys make daytime napping a breeze.
#9. Lamps for $7. Let there be light. Thank you DG.
#10. Tools for Under $5. My toolbox is powered by Dollar General.
#11. Garden Hoses and Sprinklers. You know you need them this time of year. And sprinklers are cheaper than swimming pools.
#12. Vittles.  Snacks and other grocery items at the lowest prices.
All Dollar General needs is a meat department and gas pumps. I guess you can’t have everything.
The rumor that Walmart owns Dollar General is absolutely not true. Dollar General goes places Walmart would never go.
Did you know there is even a Dollar General App? And you can buy items on-line at
Dollar Generals are scattered all over the Tuscaloosa/Northport area.
This is not a compensated endorsement, but it could be.
It is, however, my love letter to the DG. I wonder if they sell sushi.

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