On December 16th, 2021, around 1 AM CST, Urban Meyer was fired. This ended a tenure in Jacksonville that can only be described as tumultuous. From the second he accepted the job, many doubted this would even work.

And believe me, I am in no way going to blame Jaguars fans for having big dreams for the hire.

I'm a Falcons fan, and everybody knows how Bobby Petrino left Atlanta out to dry to join Arkansas. I still to this day have a strong disdain for Petrino.

But as for Urban Meyer...this coaching job was disgrace to many. Especially to the fans in Jacksonville.

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The team is mainly in a rebuilding mode, and just drafted Trevor Lawrence for goodness sake. Things were looking up.

And then Meyer tried to just throw weight around that he didn't have. I must preface everything that follows "allegedly" happened.

Tell me how kicking another player during warmups is in anyway appropriate behavior for when said player, who is the kicker for the team, missed kicks. By the way, the missed kicks came in the preseason, when everybody is just mainly focused on getting ready for the main season.

There's also something that is to be said about calling your assistant coaches "losers." I understand that everybody on the Jaguars definitely wants to win. But the mentality starts at the top.

If you're calling the people you work with "losers," then what does that make you?

But honestly, I'm surprised Meyer lasted this long. A health problem couldn't save him from getting fired this time. Everyone remembers how he left both Florida and Ohio State because his health wasn't good as he claimed.

If that's the case, then Meyer you've had a good coaching career. But for everybody else's health concerns, maybe Urban Meyer should stay retired.

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