Things New Alabamians Think About Alabama

So I've been living in Alabama for a year and a few months so far. I think I'm ready to tell my truth.

Since moving to Alabama, I've had a chance to experience a lot of new things. I had plenty of thoughts about how different things would be. Before I even crossed the state lines, I know this wouldn't feel the same as living in Orlando.

I knew the closest theme park wouldn't be down the street from my house. There definitely wasn't an expectation of multiple theme parks in one city.

Moving to Alabama, I had a few Alabamians put me on about what to expect. I felt prepared and still found out new things when I spent more time here. I guess that only makes sense. There are certain things I know about Florida because I lived there all my life. It only makes sense that it would work that way for Alabama. No matter how much someone has told me, there are things I didn't find out about until about a year of living here. As much as I've driven around Tuscaloosa, I now know to avoid McFarland at all costs on weekdays between the hours of 4-6p.

Since I've been here for over a year, I can finally share my list of things I've learned. I had so many things in my head that I felt I'd see while living here. some I happened to be correct, others I was so far off base.  Here is my list of Things New Alabamians Think About Alabama.

Things New Alabamians Think About Alabama


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