A close call, but thankfully someone's watchful eye saved the day.

In Southern California, Darryl Pang was driving on a normal day. An officer retired from the police force, he was simply driving and enjoying his day. He noticed however, a toddler playing out in the yard. But this young toddler was getting dangerously close to the road. Pang, worried the child might get too far into the road, turned around to watch and make sure the child didn't do anything drastic.

Suddenly the toddler, noticing the oncoming traffic decided to do something terrifying. The video, which was provided by CNN, shows the young one throwing the ball he was playing with into a crowded street. The child then tried to chase after the ball, which prompted Pang to stop the child from running out in front of moving traffic. Pang was successful, stopped the toddler before an accident happened. The toddler was then returned to the parent, who appeared to looking for the young one.

Remember to watch after you kids! You'll never know what they can get into!

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