There is one question I have for this: How?!?!?

In Utah, the couple of Ben and Jackie Belnap had finally raised enough money to pay back a family member. They had gotten season tickets from them, and they were patient enough to wait for the money. So on a Sunday, they took the money out of their account, and were ready to finally pay back the debt. However, one huge issue arose.

According to Good4Utah, problems arose when the couple couldn't find the money. Immediately, the couple searched the house. They searched all the place, trying to find the money. After searching in the most conventional places, they looked in the unconventional areas. And that's where Jackie Belnap found the money. She found it shredded from someone using the Shedder. As it turns out, the couple's little one, 2 year old Leo, found the envelope. He proceeded to shred the money, thinking it was bills that helped his mother shred.

Luckily the family can get the money back, however it will take some time. As for Leo well..he won't be allowed near the shedder anytime soon!

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