I hate this headline today, a local newspaper is headed to Montgomery and the large building will become a indoor ping pong championship arena according to Audio Bob with the Steve Shannon Morning Show.  Please keep in mind this is the same guy that predicted....

1.  Tua would stay

2.  Dreamland and Archibalds would combine in 2018 and form Dreambalds.

3. Pez dispensers will be a better investment than Silver in 2019.

4. The horse will overtake the car as new mode of transportation after the virus

5.  Captain Ray will get a 95,3 the Bear traffic helicopter by 2020

Of course the local newspaper will continue it's daily publication from Montgomery, probably sending a big ole 18 wheeler loaded with stacks of papers down Highway 82 every morning.

Personally, I love to see the building become an indoor shooting range or maybe the biggest Dollar General ever!  Got my stimulus check...Dollar general here i come!

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show


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