Watching Hamilton Made Me Appreciate Hard Working Teachers

Back in July, it seemed like all of my friends were talking about this Hamilton play. I finally watched it and now I can't stop!

So Disney+ recently premiered the broadway play, Hamilton. Although it premiered back in July, I finally watched it after calling it stupid. I thought it was a regular, boring Broadway play that I'd fall asleep watching. It was also about American history. I can admit that I've never been overly interested in the subject, especially in school. I figured I've never seen a Broadway show, and this is about American history so I know it's something I won't enjoy watching.

I finally started watching Hamilton and within the first 20 seconds I dismissed it. 2 hours later I went back to watch at least 5 minutes of the play just to give it a chance. I ended up staying up most of the night watching the nearly 3-hour show. I regret nothing!

Hamilton taught me more about history than I ever learned in school. I never failed history class, I just studied the information and took the tests. This broadway version gave me the information and made it stick. I credit the strong hip hop element in this show.

The whole show is basically the historical figures in the 1700s and 1800s rapping their way through history telling the story of Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, and many more founding fathers are also featured in this broadway show. The actors were amazing, the bars are top-notch and as a musician, I couldn't help but love the instrumentation and music through the show. Watching Hamilton made me want to learn more about history and do my own research on Alexander Hamilton.

I imagine so many young black kids who are in school and arent being stimulated mentally to learn and retain the information. It's crazy but Hamilton made me appreciate the creative teachers in the world. The teachers think outside the box and find a way to reach their students and make sure they're not just preparing for a test. There's a difference between preparing students for a test and teaching them to learn and retain the information.

Shoutout to all of the educators who are going above and beyond to make sure their students are really learning. I'm going to watch Hamilton again for the 12th time in 2 weeks.

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