Wet Spots On Roads Could Turn Slick In The Morning

As you know, we have had a considerable amount of rain in the past few days.  However, we do have some sunshine headed our way.  My concern is any moisture that is left behind tonight could cause some slick spots on the roads because the low tonight is 31. Our friends at WBRC Fox 6 encouraged folks to “please be extra careful on the roads tomorrow morning, especially on bridges and overpasses, or any place that water is standing. Runoff is still occurring, so be careful near the side of the roads and watch where you are walking too.”

The good news is that Friday and Saturday, you can expect sunny skies with high Friday near 50 and high near 58 on Sunday.  However, Sunday, we do have a 20% chance of showers.

(Source) For the full story from Fox 6, click here.

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