When Will Road Construction End In Tuscaloosa?

Over the weekend, I was all over our area, and one thing I noticed, there is a ton of construction.  One spot always has my interest, is the I-59/20 Bridge at McFarland Blvd.  If you are like me, you are wondering … “when will the arch be completed?”  Well, according to WBRC, Fox 6, “despite the eastbound arch still needing to be aligned, ALDOT is confident the Crimson Arch Bridge into Roll Tide land should be ready to roll by this December 2020.”

I remember the 1999 version of Tuscaloosa, and I excited about all the progress that has taken place in our city.  I love the forward motion of any sort of improvement for the City of Tuscaloosa.  Even back in December, according to WIAT, CBS 42 they reported that “one of the biggest projects you will see in 2020 is the McFarland Bridge Replacement Project I-59/20.  ALDOT workers are adding lanes; the job will cost $83 million.”

I will be sure to keep you posted on the Crimson Arch Bridge.  I, for one, can’t wait to take a picture with the completed crimson arches in the background! It might be my Christmas card photo! - @MaryKRadio

(Source – For the Full Story from WBRC, Fox 6, click here)

(Source – For the Full Story from WIAT, CBS 42, click here)

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