The video above is Marcia Griffith's "Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide)", it is considered "The Original Electric Slide". For many years, I've played this song, and "The Electric Slide" by Grandmaster Slice & Izzy Chill , at the thousands of events of DJ'd throughout the years, and on my "Saturday Nite W/Louie Linguini" radio show.

It's ALWAYS a tune that gets, or keeps people SHAKIN' on the dance floor. But I never really paid any attention until the lyrics....until today. A friend of mine shared an article with me from The Huffington Post which explains the TRUE meaning of the song. You can read the article HERE

Yesthe original "Electric Slide" is about Vibrators......Good Lord!

The tune’s songwriter, Neville Livingston, aka Bunny Wailer, even confirmed the suspicions by saying, “I’m surprised it took people this long to figure out.”

Of course, I listened closely to the song lyrics after reading the article, and it's not very subtle. Now I just can't wait for someone to tell me that Clarence Carter's "Strokin'" is really about.....errrr.....nevermind.

In any event, I'll continue to play "The Electric Slide" at my DJ events, and on the air. What people want to do during the song is their business.

FWIW, here's MY favorite version of "The Electric Slide"


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