I just read a few minutes ago that according to the MIRA, (The Music Industry Research Association), the Median Annual Income Salary for a musician in the U.S. is $21,300.....Hey, that's sounds like a radio dj salary! :-) Anyway, if you want to check out that article you can read it HERE  I believe the article to be pretty accurate, because for every Rock Star you have living in a Beverly Hills Mansion, you have THOUSANDS of  musicians who are starving.

Most musicians do take on other jobs in order to make ends meet. Some wind up making music secondary, while they have a more stable source of income coming in. Others regulate music to "Hobby" status, while they concentrate on their "regular" job to keep a roof over their heads. There are others who are "Weekend Warriors", who gig solely on the weekends while they hold down a Monday thru Friday 9-5 job. Then, there are those musicians who are truly talented, yet give up on the "Dream", because of their frustrations on not being able to make a full-time living at it.  It's a shame because many of these people deserve to be heard, but will never be.

In my case, I consider myself a Radio Personality AND a Musician. I've been blessed to have been able to make a living for most of my adult life in something I truly Love, RADIO. However, I also LOVE playing my GUITAR every chance I get. No, I will never have a Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool in a Beverly Hills Mansion, but as long as I'm able to play one of my guitars, I'm a pretty happy guy.

Every Saturday Night before I go on the air for my "Saturday Nite Regrind W/Louie Linguini" show,  I usually treat my Facebook Friends to a "Pre-Show Ritual Ritual Jam". Since many of my listeners are not on Facebook, I realize that some people don't see these "In-Studio" performances. Therefore, I thought I would share my video here from this past Saturday Night.


In any event, I hope you enjoyed this jam. And if you're a Musician, NEVER give up your LOVE of playing music. Whether it's for thousands of screaming fans....or for your two dogs and cat who watch you every evening in your living room :-)

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