While most of us were basking in the glow and celebrating Alabama's victory in the 2018 Iron Bowl last night, (ROLL TIDE!), The craziest game in the History Of College Football was taking place down in College Station, Texas. Texas A&M vs. LSU. And what a battle it was! If you want to check out a more in depth report of the game, click HERE

However, Here Are A Few Tidbits Off The Top Off My Head: 

It took SEVEN overtimes to determine a winner, but when the dust settled, Texas A&M got the victory! The final score? 74-72! And that's a FOOTBALL score! Which is more than the points scored by their BASKETBALL teams when they faced each other twice earlier this year. (LSU won both those games by scores of 69-68, and 77-65, respectively).

The game lasted 4:55 minutes, and maybe featured the ONLY time in College Football History that the LOSING Head Coach, LSU's Ed Orgeron, was doused with GATORADE!

The game was filled with plenty of controversy, mainly questionable calls predominately in Texas A&M's favor, and LSU has the right to be upset about the terrible officiating. But in the end, you have to congratulate Texas A&M on an unforgettable victory!

Again, the final was 74-72! Which means that there was more SCORING done in the game than a typical evening down at THIS place....

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini. Photo Taken By Louie Linguini
Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini. Photo Taken By Louie Linguini


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