Ford Motor Company has announced that it's halting production on it's popular F-150 truck, because of an explosion and fire last week at Meridian's facility in Easton Rapids, Michigan, (a major supplier to Ford), that has completely knocked out production of components used in the instrument panel of the F-150.

This means that approximately 4,000 workers at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant will be temporarily laid off, along with 3,600 workers at Ford's truck plant in Kansas City who were told to stay home earlier this week.

Current inventory at Ford dealers, should keep them stocked for several weeks. However, an extended delay could become problematic.

Ivan Drury, Edmunds senior manager of indusrty analysis said, "It takes 76 days for an F-150 to sell, so the company does have a bit of a cushion. But when you have a vehicle that comprises a quarter of your company's sales, any production disruption is going to cause some consternation."

Hopefully, this won't be a long delay for the 7,600 workers who have to sit around an wait.

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Louie Linguini's Personal Take: They're stopping production on all F-Series pickups??? Wow! That's really F'd up!....


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