Laura Now a Category 3 Hurricane and Still Strengthening

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As expected, Hurricane Laura continues to strengthen and is currently a category 3 hurricane.  The current thought is that Laura will even gain enough intensity to be upgraded to a category 4 at some point today.  In referencing the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind scale, a category 3 has winds between 111 and 129 mph. In comparison, a category four hurricane has winds between 130 to 156 mph.

Hurricane Laura is still on track to strike upper Texas and southwest Louisiana coasts.  There are huge concerns about the storm surge, which could be life-threatening with this system.  This morning Laura is tracking northwest at 15 mph with the projected landfall tonight or early Thursday.

Another concern for meteorologists and weather forecasters with Hurricane Laura is the hurricanes' rapid intensification.  This is when there is an increase in maximum sustained winds of 30 kt in 24 hours.  According to Fox News, “Laura has undergone a remarkable intensification, growing nearly 70% in power in just 24 hours, “and there are no signs it will stop soon," the NHC said in a briefing early Wednesday.  The 8 a.m. advisory from the NHC has Laura becoming a Category 4 storm before making landfall overnight.”

What does that mean for central and west Alabama?

At this point, the outlook is that Laura would turn eastward and bring the remains of the system north of Alabama.  Again, this could change, depending on how Laura develops and if of the hurricane, Laura’s path changes.  At this time, there is a marginal risk level for northwest Alabama for Friday.  Our area could see clouds, showers, and some storms on Friday and Friday evening.  I will have more to come on Friday conditions for our area.

(Source) For more from Fox News, click here.

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