Are you REALLY down with what's happening in T-Town? Because TBH, I am NOT.

What's happening, you ask. Let me tell you, dear reader, as it is happening literally EVERYWHERE in Tuscaloosa. And this is not hyperbole. I am keeping it 100% with y'all. Tuscaloosa is straight-up plagued by this one thing, and only those of us who drive daily in the Druid City understand.


I mean, everywhere.  I cannot drive to any destination in Tuscaloosa without running into roadwork. Look, I get that we're improving our city, and I am totally here for that, but Y'ALL.

I was trying to drive to the Bryant Conference Center yesterday, and I encountered a road block on the first route I attempted to take, a lane closure on the first alternate route, and paving work on the second alternate route. When it was time to pick up my kid from elementary school, I encountered THREE MORE separate road work projects.

I wanted to have a rage stroke.

Roadwork is everywhere. I need to just accept my fate.

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