Spiders. Snakes. Cockroaches that fly.

Welcome to Alabama. And Florida, Georgia and pretty much the entire South.

I love the south but hate the critters, I must admit.

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Now, get ready for a "snake-like worm" that can JUMP at you and on you.

No thank you.

Merriam Webster defines ravenous as:

"very eager or greedy for food, satisfaction, or gratification"

That's just what I was hoping for. A hungry, jumping, snake-like thing that slithers around my yard or house. How 'bout you?

Happy Easter everybody.

According to Cornell University this "Alabama Jumper" worm is invading the East coast and Southeast at a very rapid pace.


That's what all the critter experts say.

Is it venemous? That is an important question. One that we do not really have an answer to at this moment.

Just check this video out. A parasite worm that can turn it's "host" into a zombie.

Video below.

*Video: US Fish & Wildlife Service via S. MARTINEZ/FWS

OH, YEAH, I almost forgot. They can reproduce without a mate. Must be nice.
How does that work exactly? Well, something to ponder.
These snakey looking worms are also called Asian jumping worms, crazy worms, jersey wigglers and of course the Alabama Jumping worm.


On the same day I discovered the news of this worm infestation, I also discovered another scary news item.


A type of giant Joro spider that IS in fact....VENEMOUS.


Have you seen these massive spiders? I encountered one up close right here in Tuscaloosa.


Video below...


@ikedaniel7This spider is ridiculous…horror movie♬ original sound - Dallas

More on this story coming this weekend.


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