You've probably seen this by now. but if you haven't this story will both make you happy and angry at the same time.

The Sun reported on this story out of Paris, France. A young child found himself hanging onto a balcony railing dangerously high above ground. With multiple people watching, with none of them able to help in any way, things looked dire. With time running short, and no solutions in sight, it would take a miracle to save the child.

Enter Mamoudou Gassama. A name that no knew well, until he became the savior of the day.

Noticing the little one hanging on to the balcony, and also realizing someone had to act quickly, he immediately began to scale the building. He reached the child in 30 seconds, climbing 4 floors in the process! And luckily, he made it to the young and safely pulled him off the balcony!

The other question that remains is where was the parent? Well this is the part where some might get angry. Turns out the parent left the child home alone while they went shopping. To make matters worse, the parent, after finishing their shopping, decided to play Pokemon Go on their phone, leaving their child home alone longer.

It was almost a sad story, until Mamoudou Gassama, a real life superhero stepped in to save the day. Excellent job Mamoudou!

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