It's time for another chance to honor the hard work of our FIRST RESPONDERS in West Alabama!

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Today, Wednesday, June 29th at Jalapenos Mexican restaurant on New Watermelon Rd. from 11am-1pm all Police, Fire, EMT's etc. can eat lunch and pay nothing but the tip.

The First Responders Lunch was started a little over three-years ago by the crew from the Steve & DC show on WFFN-FM (95.3 The Bear) as a way to say thank you to the people who lay their lives on the line for us everyday.

Especially after losing Tuscaloosa born police officer Kennis Croom earlier this month, it brings home the danger that these men and women face on a daily basis.

A free lunch at Jalepenos Mexican on New Watermelon Rd. is the least we can do according to Steve Shannon and DC Chymes who said,

"It is a small gesture to offer this to our first responders. Compared to what they do for us, it truly is the least we can do to say 'thanks' to these brave and devoted folks".

The First Responders luncheon recently received recognition from the Alabama Broadcasters Association, winning the award for "Best Radio Service Project Of 2022" in Alabama.

If you know a first responder, make sure you tell them about free lunch at Jalepenos Mexican restaurant always on the LAST Wednesday of the month.


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