Why would anyone impersonate a member of the police force?

Well, The Orlando Sentinel reports a story such as this. Officer Geoffrey Pubillones was driving around town when he noticed a fellow officer pulling over a car. Deciding to help his fellow comrade he turned around, and wanted to make sure everything was okay. However when Pubillones arrived and approached the officer's vehicle, the officer in question got back into his car and drove off.

Geoffrey get back into his car and caught up to his fellow officer. There was only one huge problem. The officer wasn't actually an officer. As it turns out, the man that drove away, Angel Manuel Garcia, wasn't a member of the police force. Pubillones quickly acted, arrested Garcia for impersonating an officer, plus showing a firearm to Pubillones while committing a felony.

Long story short, be you, don't impersonate someone else.

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